Tilting Angle (2/2)

In the case of application on the tilting window, calculated the center of gravity of the operable window was to understand the moment direction caused by relation the between weight and glass angle.

Max tilting angle of the operable ublo with insulation(aerogel)

Max tilting angle of the default cover

Max tilting angle of bronze cover

Assuming the centroid of real ublo is similar to 3D version in Rhino. Since the Ublo is asymmetry in any axis (e.g. two supports rotate at 15 degrees. They become symmetry when the ublo is closed and turned), the centroid is located not in the center line. The maximum angle of the real situation(49~52°) and what is calculated with the centroid in Rhino is almost the same.


As the tests show the tendency, the heavier cover is mounted, the smaller angle of the tilted glass the hung ublo could still reach. Because the centroid with the heavier cover moves outwards. The allowable angle(before the hung ublo starts to be detached from the tilted glass) becomes smaller in proportion to the tangent.