A Way to Han River

Design and proposal


First Place

@Final Course, Yonsei University

Solo Work

  This proposal is a suggestion to experience the Han River uniquely in the current conditions of Seoul.
  Seoul is the biggest city in Korea. It has been the central place for more than 600 years, having good conditions as a center. Han River is one of the most essential components to make Seoul an important place. The Han River has a width of 600-700 m across the city. During the 20th century, Seoul expanded south.

How to induce people to make use of the Han river as a city element?

  As people needed to cross over the river in their vehicles, highways and bridges along the river were built. The Han River has been treated as restriction on the growth goals of the city; the river has been underestimated for a while. The entertainments in the past the way people in Seoul spend their lives with Han River now shrinks from the minimum, like skating, fishing, swimming.

  There is another horizontal layer next to the highways, called “Danji,” which is a common type of apartment housing complex in Seoul. People who don’t live in Danji are not allowed to enter so they detour around it.
  The two layers –highway and Danji- can block two advantages of Han River: viewpoints and easy access. On the other hand, this proposal will enable the residents and the “unspecified” to be together and separate at the same time. As a prototype, I can develop further into various conditions while stitching the highways to connect towns and the river, separating the circulation of residents and the public to share river viewpoints.