Aerogel: The translucent insulation (1/2)

Aerogel is probably the best way to improve thermal insulating performance for the window system. U-value of the insulating window with Aerogel is less than or equal to 1W/m·K

Volume of Aerogel particles according the version of ublo

Translucent insulation

Hydrophilic aerogel vs hydrophobic aerogel: Ublo decides to insert hydrophilic aerogel. It is a powerful desiccant but ruined its property when it touches the water.

As granular flows, so does Aerogel powder. For the mass-production version, optimizing the inclination and the neck thickness of the funnel matters.

How funnel Angle affects

1. Regular speed of particles
2. The lower slope
3. The wider funel neck = Less jamming


Usually, the particles in the funnel stop when their composition is stable like an arch. Shaking or poking are required.
A flexible plastic bag with a short neck outlet whose inner diameter is 9mm will be proper equipment for injecting Aerogel. The outer diameter is 12mm and it will be the inner diameter of the hole in the operable ublo.