Compatibility Tests

Chemical compatibility tests were conducted to decide suitable materials which do not react to each other.

Compatibility Test1

What causes yellowish?

Compatibility Test1 One of three items could affect yellowish:
Oxime silicone, Water, Flaxseed oil. Oxime silicone sealant
was used for attaching the wood cover.

When Silicone and Flaxseed oil meet aerogel respectively,
contact surface of Aerogel becomes white gradually .
Aerogel becomes white also when it absorbs physical shock.
It was interesting that water doesn’t affect Aerogel at all, while the sticky substance
of Aerogel surrounding is easily wiped out or melted with water flow.

Compatibility Test2

Since none of components changes the color of Aerogel from the test1, the combination of each two components to Aerogel were newly set up.

Obviously, the combination of Oxime silicone and flaxseed oil affect yellowing. After 2 months, it becomes brown.

Compatibility Test3

What causes yellowish without aerogel?

 In mid-July, KCC silicone suppliers visited ublo and assumed that Oxime silicone is usually affected by Alkoxy silicone or Organic compounds such as oil.
Even when each component was detached far away in an open space, oxime silicone turned yellow.
 The supplier assumed vapored particles of alkoxy flied to oxime silicone in the air.
First test is conducted while each pair is detached in the closed jar.

Result: Since no change occurs, the next test lets each component attached. 
After exposure to UV ray, One of Oxime silicone sample become yellow starting from
where the Alcoxy silicone is close.
Alkoxy silicone type for polycarbonate panel doesn’t influence the color.