Virtual Actuality

Algorithmic Design

Process learning workshop

@Yonsei University

in the motion graphic team with 2 members

Tutor: Sommen Hahm
Collaboration(Total 16):
; Jina Lee, Seung-A Choi

Each builder’s behavior

 The workshop was about digital form finding study, deeply related to bottom up building. We had a site for a Fashion Show at Seoul plaza. Via Algorithmic design process, intangible pavilion would be designed.
16 members were split into four groups with four different themes regarding motion of models and citizens, movement of zones and virtual materials. In the process, each team needed to allocate its factor’s habit or rule to each builder.

Form of visualized but intangible materials

Though there were 5 specific properties of zoning according to the behavior of models and users, what made the difference among these space was a bit ambiguous. For instance, calm space had two parts of intangible material which was shared with audience space. Form this reason, there were builder agent, a forming maker.
There are 4 builder agents, affeted by the location of zoning and when paassing through, they created the distorted space.

Space logic:
Builders make the space darker or brighter

Model’s Behavior Example(Recording images)

Builder Type