Here is my study work on product design

It shows a collection of mechanical, geometrical, chemical, and logical experiment documents and research about a window product system.   

I had been in charge of a pilot project, developing Ublo, a circle window system composed of perforated glass and custom covers, in a facade design & engineering firm.
Due to the previous history of accumulated data in facade technology, and colleagues with different engineering backgrounds, it was a joyous challenge to conduct the design project. Since this pilot project started purely from motivation for the product’s implementation with practical knowledge, the business side of the development was not our priority. It helped me focus on the product’s quality and architectural design instead of market orientation.

Although a circular window is not a new product, the concept of plugs on perforated glass is considered unprecedented when considering thermal performance and better visibility. It was challenging to set the right questions with nothing to refer to. One question we tackled was researching and refining the material to serve the window’s purpose. Properties we considered include UV protection, chemical components, physical durability, thermal performance, air tightness, discoloration, buoyancy ventilation, etc.
This what-can-be-done-will-be-done way of thinking encouraged critical thinking towards whether it is technically correct, what the advantages over the conventional prototypes are, or which orientation is best for each application.

Ublo application substitutes the traditional window styles.