Overhead Tensegrity

Structural design and engineering


Honorable Mention

@Korean Structural Engineers
structure design competition

Role: Design development, production

Collaboration: Seung Jong Kwak, Tae Hwan Kim

Design concept: long span structures

Prior condition
(1) Increasing the stiffness of beams
(2) Pulling distributed loads up to independent points

New Proposal

Structure concept

Optimizing stress

Height proportion as per the optimized angle

Step1. Arranging tensegrity units elements in a row
Step2. Posting independent vertical struts at each in-between point
Step3. Combining them with tension cable

Linear modules of units’ arrangement in horizontal, vertical, diagonal directions

Each bearing point has classified into two parts; the main module manages loads of the whole plate and the allocated module which disperses the loads equally and consists of tensegrity form. The main module will manage the loads carried from the allocated module connected with cables and intermediate struts.


Structure composition and
circulation for pedastrian

Structure analysis